GH-500x Series Green House Controller


InSignEx has design GH-500x Series Controller, to maintain configurable parameter like, temperature, humidity in green house. Controller will automatically control fogger, pad and fan efficiently to achieve configured parameter. It has total 16 configurable outputs. Outputs can be factory set to controller fogger-pump, pad-pump, fan and solenoid valve as well. Up-to 8 Digital Humidity and Temperature sensor can be connected to a single Controller over CAT-05 cable.


  • On Panel LCD Display
  • Keypad for User Interface
  • Configurable Operation Start and stop time
  • Configurable Humidity and Temperature Range
  • Configurable Fogger, Pad and Fan ON and OFF time
  • Power Quality Monitoring
  • Auto start on Power Restore
  • Low Power
  • Battery Backup
  • System Live Status On Display
    • Input voltage
    • System operation mode
    • Live Temperature and Humidity
    • Pump Status Indicator

Advance Features

  • Remote update on smart phone
  • Graphical representation of Temperature and Humidity over period
  • Remote Alert and notification

ICS Controller can also be used for array of green houses for maintaining optimum humidity and temperature.

Network of Sensors and controlled output are interfaced over proprietary MODBUS (RS485). The maximum distance between nodes could be 1000 meters.