Irrigation Control System

Irrigation Control System ICS-I50-XXX-X is intended for automating drip irrigation and fertigation process in open field, Net-house or Green-house. Depending on crop type and stage of the plant life user can program the quantity of water and fertigation schedule.

User can group together multiple valves in Batches. A common irrigation and fetigation timing can be set for Batches from easy to use Mobile phone App. There are maximum 8 Batches. Series of Batches are grouped together in program. Every morning a existing program is renewed and executed automatically. There are maximum 8 Programs user can program and keep stored in the system.


  • Android based easy to use app for configuration and status review
  • GSM based remote operation
  • Options for 8, 12, 20 or 28 Valves
  • System Status indicators(LEDs)
  • User configurable multiple Programs and Batches
  • Utility power failure detection and auto adjustment in rest of the valves
  • Low voltage detection and warning indication
  • Battery Backedup system allows setup while power is not available
  • RTC / GSM clock syncing
  • Auxiliary valve operating voltage detection circuit
  • Irrigation and Fertigation automation
  • Main pump and fertigation booster pump control operation

Advance Features

  • Fertigation Filter Auto Flush

Controls and Indications

  • For both manual and automatic control
    1. 8, 12, 20, 28 outputs with 200mA
    2. Main pump and Fertilizer pump start and stop control with indication
  • Output control status indication
  • Stable voltage indication
  • Auto/Manual mode indication
  • Fertilizer pump status indication